Acceptable use policy

Uncensored Newsfeed  offers access to the Usenet network exclusively on the basis of the present conditions. Any dispensation to the present conditions will not be granted without preliminary written agreement.
The customer declares to accept the validity of the present conditions from the moment commencing subscription. Conditions remain available for consultation at any time via
The contract is formed by the fact that Uncensored Newsfeed confirms to the customer having accepted the transaction of this last one thanks to the registration and communicates to the customer the information needed to connect and the necessary password to use the service by e-mail. Uncensored Newsfeed reserves the right to refuse, the registration, for any reason, with or without explanation.
Uncensored Newsfeed gives to his customers an access to private Usenet servers and stays a technical intermediary between the Usenet network and the customer.
Uncensored Newsfeed only provides access to Usenet servers and does not manage the content of these servers. All the contents appearing on these servers result from customers of thousands of Usenet servers from many other providers to whom the supplier gets the access to his customers, exchange automatically and permanently data. The customer knows as such, that the content are from a third party, and not from Uncensored Newsfeed.
Uncensored Newsfeed cannot be considered responsible for these contents. Uncensored Newsfeed only gives access to the Usenet network.
To be able to use the service, the customer access server via a username and password to reach the Usenet Network, thanks to newsreader software. The customer is free to use the newsgroup client of his choice.
Uncensored Newsfeed who has a guaranteed evolving bandwidth every week is entitled to restrict the transfer of data and to exclude the access of the customer when the technical performances of the service are compromised and/or when Uncensored Newsfeed believes that the customer uses the service in unfair purposes, Uncensored Newsfeed will inform the customer of the restrictive measures as soon as possible.

To exclude any misuse of the data of access, the customer makes a commitment to keep them in a safe place and not to communicate them with third parties, the usage of the supplied service being reserved for an individual private usage. Uncensored Newsfeed does not answer damage incurred by the customer because of an unfair use or of a loss of the data of access. Uncensored Newsfeed engages his responsibility in the cases in which the damage results from a violation culprit, by Uncensored Newsfeed, of its obligations. The parties make a commitment to inquire mutually and immediately of any unfair use of the data of access. In case of unfair use or of a concrete suspicion of unfair use, Uncensored Newsfeed is entitled to block the password and to exclude the corresponding customer, temporarily or permanently. The customer agrees besides that Uncensored Newsfeed may send by email, messages and information relating to the features of the service.

Uncensored Newsfeed authorizes the customer to use the access to Usenet. The use of Usenet takes place exclusively at the risks and the dangers of the customer. Uncensored Newsfeed declines any guarantee and responsibility to the downloaded contents whatever is their nature. If the customer authorizes minors to reach Internet and Usenet by his access, the customer assumes the exclusive responsibility. The customer knows that certain contents of Usenet is not safe for children and minors.
Uncensored Newsfeed is not responsible for content, with supplying the necessary service to reach any content and the customer notes that it is in the nature of newsgroups, freely accessible to each, that it can contain, under circumstances, offensive, harmful texts, harmful messages, transmissions, indistinct or inconvenient for quite other reason, or protected by whatever motive it is, or not corresponding to the truth in some cases or deceivers in a different way. During the use of Uncensored Newsfeeds  service, the customer makes a commitment to show caution, common sense, a healthy faculty of difference, and to respect the legal regulations.
The customer agrees to assume the responsibility of his own communications and the consequences which ensue from it and recognizes to use Usenet only to receive and emit messages and documents, and that these documents are legal, correct and adapted to the respective domain. An excessive or inappropriate article can entail the temporary or permanent suspension of the publication of articles or the closure of the account.


  • Speed per slot is not guaranteed.
  • The best possible service is supplied with BEST effort.
  • Bandwidth is guaranteed in our DATACENTER.

Within the framework of the use of Uncensored Newfeeds service, the customer agrees to respect the following rules:

  •  The customer makes a commitment not to transfer nor to store of works protected by copyright without the authorization of the holder of the rights.
  • The customer makes a commitment not to make publication repeated by identical articles, by articles with commercial aim, by articles of promotion, channels, competition, survey or more generally unsuitable for the group on which he posts.
  • The customer makes a commitment not to have a practice of cross posting beyond three newsgroups.
  • The customer makes a commitment to use his access in an individual and private way, the access to the service remain however possible on addresses different but never simultaneous IP. The customer notes that the simultaneous usage of account on several addresses simultaneous different IP will entail an immediate termination of the account without compensation.
  • The customer makes a commitment not to slander others either to incite to the hatred to others, to bother, to threaten others or to violate in any way the rights of others.
  • The customer makes a commitment not to download towards the quite typical server of files, software either diverse documents contaminated by virus or damaged, or which somehow may damage another computer or decrease its capacity of functioning.
  • The customer can in case of observation of expressed acts higher about which the enumeration is not exhaustive to inform us about it at the address indicated in the contact section of Uncensored Newsfeed

Uncensored Newsfeed answers only attributable damage deliberate violations or negligence committed by Uncensored Newsfeed. Uncensored Newsfeed declines any responsibility, of some nature and whatever motive it is, to the contents conveyed by Internet and/or Usenet or the accessible depictions via these networks. Uncensored Newsfeed answers only of a correct access as far as it is possible for him(her) technically and as far as he does not violate his contractual obligations deliberately. Uncensored Newsfeed declines any responsibility in case of losses of data.
The customer acquaints with the fact that the use of Internet and its risks such as presence of viruses, trojans. The damage and the expenses which can result from it go chargeable to the customer. Uncensored Newsfeed declines any responsibility.
Uncensored Newsfeed does not communicate the data of the customers with third parties. Uncensored Newsfeed however, reserves the right to register which quantity of data the customer downloads or passes on for reasons of service. Uncensored Newsfeed is not in technical measure to keep logs of download of his customers. Newsgroups are accessible 24/7 without that it is about a guarantee this way. Because of works of maintenance or disturbances in the networks of communication of third parties, the customer can arrive that the access to the service is temporarily interrupted, the customer can however demand a continuation of his fixed price of the time of interruption amounts by email to Uncensored Newsfeed who will inform him(her) about the decision as soon as possible.
Uncensored Newsfeed can guarantee however, neither the permanent access nor the permanent use of the service and does not answer declines of debit of the connections ending in the service but makes a commitment to supply the best possible service.
Uncensored Newsfeed answers damage engendered by the absence of accessibility or by the possibility restricted by use of the service that in the cases where the damage was provoked by Uncensored Newsfeed by premeditation or following a grave negligence of its fact.
Uncensored Newsfeed is entitled to modify or to complete the present general conditions of subscription/sale.

The contract is concluded for an agreed contractual period. The contract begins with the delivery of identifiers by Uncensored Newsfeed. The subscription is prepayable for a contractual period chosen by means of a payment by credit card. By registration, the customer expressly declares to accept that the supplier produces beforehand the corresponding total amounts. Upon completion, the customer receives a receipt by email. If a transaction is refused, the contract will be considered useless and not applicable. By registration, the customer assures to be the legal holder of the bank account indicated by him, or to be proxy enjoying the right to use it.
The contract and the obligations of the customer and Uncensored Newsfeed expires automatically at the end of contractual period signed initially, unless express renewal was established, according to the general conditions and terms in the same day the renewal option.