Offer offers a no-surprises, month-to-month service, where NO long term commitment is
required and you can cancel anytime. With thousands of existing long-time members, and years of
experience (since 1999), we work very hard to give the best service possible.

The Original Uncensored Usenet access since 1999

Since 1999, we have provided World Wide Usenet newsgroups access. We have been around long enough to see many changes. We have seen many Usenet service providers come and go. Do not be fooled by many of the “usenet review sites” and awards. Most are owned by the usenet providers themselves, to convince you that they are the best out there. Most provide inaccurate information and are only updated to enhance themselves. We have a large base of members and many of them are long term. This has been built from trust and reliability. We plan on continuing to provide uncensored Usenet service for many years to come.

We value the privacy of our customers and exercise rigorous efforts to maintain your confidence.We do not keep log files of what our customers download from the newsgroups. Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us. Our experienced Usenet News Masters maintain millions of articles across thousands of uncensored newsgroups with hundreds of incoming and outgoing feeds daily. Each article, program, software, picture, movie, MP3 or free speech text document can reach us from all over the world. Join the World’s Largest Online Community and Communicate with millions of regular newsgroup users, and thousands of Uncensored Usenet newsgroups!!!

We do not monitor or alter Usenet in any way. We are in many ways like your  Internet Service Provider. They do not create the Internet; they only provide access. We provide access into that area of the Internet. We provide you with access to Usenet, a sub-segment of the Internet, for a monthly fee. Our plans are monthly, based and are determined by bandwidth usage – or how much data you transmit (download) from Usenet. We do not charge for placing (uploading or posting) data to Usenet. We do not speed cap downloads.